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  • Complete syllabus of GS for prelims & Mains.
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  • Multiple Professors
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Our Instructors

Dhrub Singh has trained approximately one lakh students for various aptitude test. He has a keen interest in logic and numbers and has conducted many seminars and related activities for the benefit of students. He is not only a trainer but also a motivator, a guide, a friend for the aspiring candidates.
Prof. Dhrub Singh
15+ Years of Experience
B.E. Mumbai university. Covers Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
Prof. Kamakshi B
5+ Years of experience in teaching Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
M.A. History and Archaeology, Mumbai University. Covers Medieval History
Prof. Shujaat Ali
7+ years of Experience in teaching History
B.E. Mumbai University - Cleared UPSC Pre+Mains 2015.Covers Ancient History
Prof. Akshay Goud
8+ years of experience in teaching Ancient History
B.E, Mumbai University - Cleared UPSC Pre+Mains 2014, 2015 Covers Geography (GS & Optional)
Prof.Akshay Palande
10+ years of Experience in teaching Geography (GS & Optional)
IIT Kanpur - M.A. Sociology from Delhi School of Economics.Covers GS 1-3, Sociology, CSAT
Prof. Atul Jain
10+ years of Experience in teaching Sociology and CSAT


Ethics and Integrity
Ethics: Meaning and Relevance, Ethical dimensions of civil services. Importance of ethics in Civil Services, Ethical decision making, Case studies.
Internal Security
Meaning of Internal Security, Unique challenges to India’s Internal Security, Cross border terrorism, Naxalism, Communalism, Mechanisms for Internal Security in India.
International Relations
India’s location and geopolitics, India’s neighbours, India and UN, India and world groups, Changing dynamics of World Relations.
Disaster Management
Meaning, Types and Distribution of Disaster, Stages and economics of Disaster, Most common disasters Disasters and their effects, Government framework of Disaster Management and Critique.
Basic English Grammar, What are nouns, Collective Nouns, Pronouns, Sentence Structure- Introduction, Kinds of Sentences, Active Passive, Types of Interjunction, Gerunds, Countable and Uncountable, This,That,Those and These, Verbs, Conjunction, Asking Questions, Clauses and Phrases, Prepositions, Future Tense (will, going to), How to talk about the past in English, Present Simple, Modals, Similes and Idioms, Introduction to Determiners, What are adverbs, Adverbs, Rules of Subject-Verb Agreement, Describing Words, Modal Verbs, What are Action Words, Introduction to Adjectives, Phrasal Verbs, Expressions for describing, Naming Words, Building Vocabulary, Cloze test, Error spotting, Reading comprehension, Sentences.
Quantitative Analysis
Linear Equations, Example of age problems, Distance, Speed and Time, Basics of Mathematical Calculations, Square Root & Cube Root, Number System, HCF and LCM, Indices and Surds, Problems on Ages and Numbers, Percentage, Profit, Loss and Discount, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership and Share, Alligation and Mixtures, Time,Work,and Wages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Growth and Depreciation, Train Question, Boats and Strams, Calendar, Area of Plane Figures, Permutations and combinations, Probability, Progressions, Time, Work and Wages, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Calendar Questions, Clock Questions, Quantitative Analysis, Simplification, Time, work, Pipes & cisterns.
Environment Science
Introduction, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Vehicular Emission Norms, Policies and Goods, Problem Solving.
History and Culture
Introduction to History, First War of Independence, The Early Struggle 1858-1909, The Period of 1905-1918, The Period of 1919-1939, The Last Phase (1939-47), Indian Culture, Indus Valley Civilization, Literature, Architecture.Medieval History includes Bhakti Movement, Sufism, Vijay Nagar Empire, the Rise and Fall of Mughal Empire, Maratha Empire, Medieval Kingdoms, Delhi Sultanate etc.Ancient History covers various topics such as Stages of Human Evolution, Early and Later Vedic Period, Buddhism, Jainism, Magadh Empire, Indus Valley Civilization etc.
Introduction to Geography, How to study Geography, Location a place: Latitude and Longitude, Interior of Earth, Plate Tectonics, Types of Rocks, Mountains, Earthquake, Landforms, Climate, Drainage in India, Indian Monsoon.Comprehensive coverage of Indian, Human and World geography covering different types of climate around the world, ocean currents, distribution of natural resources around the world, Malthusian theory, India’s drainage system and checkpoint questions on every single video lecture.
Introduction to Economics, Banking in India, Measures of Income, Fiscal Policy, Exchange rate: Theory and relevance, WTO, Growth vs Development, How government spends money?, The Union Budget, History of Indian Economics, Basics of Economy and Indian Economics, IMF, Foreign Investment, Black Money, Poverty, Unemployment, Stock Market, Industry in India, Indian Economy Discussion
Indian Polity
Indian Parliament, Legislative Process, Preamble, Constitution of India, President of India, Council of Ministers, State Governments, Emergency Provisions, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties, Indian Judiciary, Election Commission, UPSC & SPSC, Finance commision, National Commision for SC/ST, CAG, Attorney General, National Human Right Commision, Niti Ayog, Official Language, Political Parties, Union Territories, Local Governance, Transparency, Governance in China, Governance in U.K., Governance in France, Indian Polity Discussion.


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Yes, you can download our Mobile App - Mobile app also provides the feature to download the lectures and watch them offline. the lectures can also be viewed on a mobile device by using Chrome browser.
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A lecture at SuperProfs can be watched any number of times till the end of the subscription
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At SuperProfs, you get 24 x 7 access to "Doubt Forum". You can post your doubt and the same shall be handled by the professor within 2 working days.
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