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Importance of Current Affairs in Civil Services Examination

The Importance of Current Affairs in CSE examinations is immense. This is the most critical part of CSE Prelims as well as CSE Mains Exam. Aspirants should study in depth to understand the significance of current affairs for UPSC. In fact, all the questions in CSE exams are drafted around current affairs.

UPSC usually does not ask direct and static questions from current affairs in Mains. Questions are written by combining current affairs with conventional knowledge. One interesting reason behind this type of strategy is to check the ability of correlation a candidate has.

Success in UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains Exam is mainly subjected to how well an aspirant is aware of the important current affairs. Preparation of current affairs for UPSC is the key to unlock the exam. It requires practice and revision in a well-connected manner.

There are certain ways for current affairs preparation in order to become the master of this field. Here are some of the important tips described for reference.

  • Read the newspaper – This is the most effective and traditional way to prepare current affairs for IAS. Aspirants need to be updated with the trending topics happening across the globe. Reading newspaper on a daily basis fills your mind with facts and viewpoints and this will improve your skills to write essay papers in exams.

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  • National and International news – You must follow the events and activities occurring across the nation and around the globe. Follow elections held in big nations, bilateral visits of Presidents and PMs, UN, IMF, World Bank and other major events for awareness of international issues. PIB news releases are a great source for the awareness on national issues.
  • Read from Internet – The evolution of internet and online media has opened the doors for candidates who are constantly looking for quality study material. The benefit of reading from the internet is that one can easily check the correctness of data, verify information and receive multiple views on any topic. You can also refer and subscribe various e-books and online magazines for current affairs preparation.
  • Apps for study – We are going through the era of smart phones where these devices are becoming an essential part of our day to day life. Smart phones are all about apps. The good news for UPSC aspirants is that they can keep their study material on their mobile and carry it wherever they go. There are some dedicated apps for current affairs preparation which can be downloaded on all smart phones and is a digital help for candidates.
  • Organize your preparation – From the first day of current affairs preparation, start making short notes and divide the notes topic wise in small modules. One can prepare either hand written notes or opt for digital format. These notes will help you to channelize your study on different topics.

The best part with current affairs questions asked in UPSC exams is that they can be solved without wasting time. One can score maximum marks in less time in this section of exam. Current affairs preparation for IAS keeps the aspirant updated and helps in having a balanced view about different issues.