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How to Prepare for GATE Civil Engineering 2018 Exam

GATE Civil Engineering Exam 2018 is one of the most reputed exams for Graduated Engineers. This exam will help you in understanding your ability to work in the development sector of our country and also get GATE Recruitment through PSUs. GATE Civil Engineering Exam syllabus 2018 is also very important for this. GATE Cut Off for IIT has been decided based on the person’s knowledge of the subject. Hence, it is very important to answer the question about – How to prepare for GATE 2018 Civil Exam. If you want help in GATE CE Preparation 2018, the experts at superprofs will always guide you in the right direction.

GATE CE Preparation 2018

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GATE CE Preparation 2018

The main sectors you need to take care of while preparing for GATE CE 2018 are:

  • Get your basics right – Make sure you know the basic concepts about Civil Engineering such as dimensions, weights and measures. Error finding and analysis is a very important task for any engineer. Make sure you know how that can be done.
  • Theory – It is of prime need that you know all the concepts by heart. Since, Civil Engineers need a lot of Capital in their projects. IT is important for every organization that you don’t waste their money and they can count on your engineering knowledge.
  • Numericals – It all boils down to how you apply the concepts. If you have some sound matter at hand, then numericals won’t be a problem. Make sure to collect all your important formulas in one place like in a sheet of 5-6 pages and keep revising them everyday. This half an hour task will do wonders for your performance in the numerical section.

General Aptitute Preparation for GATE CE 

General Aptitude is an integral part of the GATE Exam and it can be well managed through practice. These concepts are asked in every competitive exam. Hence, it is very important to master them before you sit you for the exam. The basic topics such as – Percentages, Time, Speed and Distance, Averages etc. can be learned from any reputed book for GATE Aptitude 2017.


Verbal Ability for GATE CE 

English is the language of the modern world. It is very important that you understand what to speak and the right language to use. This topic can get you through all good sectors in life. We sure to read a lot of newspapers or books to have a command over English language.


Engineering Mathematics

This section will comprise of high level mathematics that civil engineers can apply in real life. You can understand that these topics will be a little difficult and will comprise of 15% of the main exam. This topic needs a good book to prepare and we recommend B.S. Grewal as it contains all the topics. PDF will also be available online.


Important GATE 2017 Civil Engineering CE Paper Books/Authors:

  • Theory of Structure by CK Wang, S. Rammamrutham, L.S. Negi & Jangit
  • Theory of Elasticity by Timoshenko & Gere
  • Strength of materials by Gare & Timoshenko, B.C. Punamia, Rammamrutham
  • Soil mechanics by Gopal Ranjan & Rao
  • Steel Design by L.S. Negi
  • Railway Engineering by Subhash and Satyapal

We hope that this article about GATE CE preparation 2018 has helped you in understanding the basic topics and preparing for GATE 2018. Superprofs has always guided students to achieve their best.

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