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In today’s twenty-first century, there is a great demand for displaying corporate credibility and transparency in managing the internal affairs of the organization. The top-notch executive level is busy managing the general working and functioning of the organisation.

Hence, there is a large scope of CS or Company Secretary as the new challenges in business can only be shouldered by highly competent and qualified professionals. The role of a Company Secretary in a professional and business set up is to give advice on the legal matters of the business. The job and scope of CS is a promising one with high growth and hefty remuneration, which gives more flexibility for an individual to improve.

The career opportunities and scope of CS are very vast as one can find a job in the field of the private sector, public sector, banks, stock exchange, law firms, and other financial institutions. The Company Secretary works as traditional support for the administrative block of the organization as well as taking care of corporate governance and successful implementation of the decisions.

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CS Eligibility Criteria

The CS scope in India is increasing because of many emerging firms in the corporate world. For dealing with the security laws, corporate laws and ensuring organizations legal and financial acceptance a firm strictly requires a Company Secretary.

A candidate who opts for the course has to have an intermediate level qualification and has to pass the Foundation, Intermediate, and the professional. After, Completing Inter level one has to go under Articleship of 15 months in various firms. Click here to know about the firms providing Articleship.

Scope of CS in India

The CS scope in India is widening for the emergence of institutions like the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) with its headquarters in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. The ICSI develops and regulates the profession of Company Secretary by conducting the examination.

In the global scenario, there is a large focus on the corporate sector and growth in the corporate sector leads to the involvement of legalities and legal complications.

Not only in the private sector, but the government of India also provides Company Secretary Career scope. Government Financial Institutions, Stock Exchanges, Bureau of Public Enterprise, Law services in Nationalised Banks, Department of Company Affairs are some wide scopes of CS in India.

There is a large CS scope in India as they acquire training which makes them versatile enough to carry out functions in the field of finance, operations, human resource, and legal administration. There is a long way ahead for Company Secretary, as students can join the course just after completing their secondary education or plus two.

The eligibility limit of CS in India has been lowered and the CS Career scope has increased as the course deals with the legal aspects of the company were at the managerial level one has to directly report to the Board of Directors.

Key Responsibilities of a CS Qualified

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A Company Secretary holds a very respectable and key position in the top management of the company. Incorporation, Formation, Amalgamation, Promotion, Reorganisation, formation and winding up of the company are some of the key responsibilities which an individual has to carry out is a Company Secretary in an organization.

The increase in the unethical practices in the corporate world and government bodies increases the demand and CS Career Scope. A Company Secretary Job is one with a high reputation as well as high salary in today’s world. An Individual having the high legal aptitude, good communication skill, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills can excel and can achieve greater success in this field.

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