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An Idiot’s Ultimate Tips to Pass CA, CWA, CS Exams


Hi..students, here i’m trying to suggest some useful tips to pass CA, CWA, CS exams. Of course all below given tips are already known by every student. Here i hardly tried to describe already known tips. That’s why i mentioned it is an idiot’s ultimate tips to pass exams. Now let’s go.

Attend Classes Properly

The very first step to pass any exams is attending classes. Attending each and every class is very important for all CA, CWA/CMA, CS students. Without proper knowledge of subject you cannot clear out exams. So focus on the professor’s classes and learn subjects without doubts. One  of the common mistake of a student who attends the exams is attempting the exam with mindful of doubts.

  • Don’t sleep in classrooms.
  • Don’t waste time in class’s intervals.
  • Don’t go late classes.

 Just know the lesson and try to understand the lesson in text-book or material before your teacher telling that lesson in classroom. This will help you to understand subject very easily. And you’ll got a chance to clarify your doubts when you trying understand it before.

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Revise the lessons daily, weekly, monthly

Our subject is always seems very easy to understand in classrooms especially law, tax, auditing etc. theory subjects. Even in preparation time we can do any problem or we can answer any theory and we can explain that subject to our friends. But here the very known truth by every student is “we don’t have remember that subject in exam hall”. The very common problem said by every student is “I practiced it very well and I knew/read that question but I failed to remember it in exams”.

The only solution for this common problem is Revision. Only revision or practice makes you perfect in subject. Minimum 3 times of perfect revision will keep you safe side in exams. So you have to revise each and every lesson and topic daily, weekly and monthly.

Be Perfect in Institution’s study material and practice manual

In exams the major topics and model problems are asking from Institution’s study material and practice manual. it is very better for you to be perfect in these text-book/study material and practice manual. First do practice  both study material and practice manual and later go to your other favorite materials. Of course other reference books are also important to easy understand of subject but don’t neglect Institution’s material.

Combined Studies

Combined studies also will play key role to passing exams. Because in combined studies we have a chance to clarify our doubts immediately and save our time from wasting by doubts. And there is also a chance to wastage of time with bad friends/classmate or roommates. Choose friends wisely and do combined studies. Avoid chit-chat and talking useless.

Don’t spend your full study hours for Combined Studies. also prepare your own self for 4 or 5 hours daily.

Practice RTP’s,Mock Test Papers and Previous year papers

RTP’s and Suggested Answers will help you to improve “Conceptual Clarity” in every topics of covered syllabus and it is very important to check out previous exams papers and solutions to get known about how Examination Board asks questions in exams.
Practice papers makes you pass Exams.

Test your self

Test your own self.conduct weekly tests your own self and check answers your own self.Testing your self will help you gain confidence to attempt exams without fear. It will safe guard you from exam fever and also increase your confidence level. High confidence level keep aside from forgetting’s an excellent opportunities to check your skills. Self-testing helps you see for yourselves which are the subjects you need to work on more.

Follow Time Table to pass Exams

You can definitely pass exams if you can follow below given time-table. Below time-table not only helps for CA,CWA,CS students and also any other student to pass any type of exams.

Get up early in the morning at 4 AM. Be ready by 5 AM. Read theory portion up to 7 AM.

This period is called ‘Brahma Murat’ and studies done during this period cannot be forgotten i.e. they remain in memory for long.

  • 7 AM. to 7.30 AM. – Breakfast Time
  • 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM – Read theory – mind is always fresh in the morning.
  • 10.30 AM to 11.00 AM – Relaxation Time
  • 11.00 AM to 1 PM. – Do/solve practical problems.
  • 1 PM to 2 PM – Lunch Time
  • 2 PM to 3 PM – May take short sleep
  • 3 PM to 5 PM – Do/solve practical problems.
  • 5 PM to 5.30 PM – Have a break.
  • 5.30 PM to 8 PM – Read theory.
  • 8 PM to 9 PM – Dinner Time
  • 9 PM to 10 PM – May go for outing – watch T.V.
  • 10 PM to 12 PM – Do/solve practical problems
  • 12 PM to 4 AM – Have good sleep.

That’s all now guys..!

I’ll tell you more exam tips,useful tips and other tips and tricks to remember subject.
so keep follow our blog.

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  1. Matam Keerthi says

    omg…! this is top ranker’s time table.. i can’t follow this time table..

  2. chaithanya tirupati says

    sleep time is very low. my must need 6hours sleep to use our brain effectively.

  3. Jai Prakash says

    you should sacrifice ur sleeping hours for at least 2 months to catch up great future..

  4. jp says

    i always do late night study..its nt posible to get up early in the morning…
    then wt to do??

  5. Ramadurai.K.R. says

    You have to give up something..To Gain something…An ultimate Tips…

  6. neha bohra says

    4 achievin smthin sacrifice is all abt……..

  7. deepak manja says

    This is good study time table…. we should sleep at least 4-5 hours for sake of health….

  8. NANU says

    The study time table given is very good , it is very important to make ur self disciplined .

  9. Purnima Singh says

    i think this is the perfect schedule one can follow

  10. Priya says

    This is best timetable for becoming a good CA

  11. kanchan kumari bhardhwaj says

    how will manage we manage our time of study with the period of articleship

  12. kanchan kumari bhardhwaj says

    Please also provide time table for direct entry students.

  13. Murugesan says

    Good.It is verydifficult to folow in practical life

  14. Murugesan says

    Good.But it is very difficult to follow in practical life

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