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CA IPCC Law, Ethics, Communications Important Topics May 2018


Get CA IPCC Law Important Topics & Important Questions for May 2018. IPCC Law Ethics & communiation Important Questions are provided here. Download CA IPCC Revised Law, Ethics and Communication Study material at here. Today here we are providing CA IPCC LAW, Ethics and Communication Important Topics. I hope this will helpful for your CA IPCC Law Exam preparation. CA IPCC Law Important topics, IPCC Ethics and communication Important topics for CA IPCC May 2018 exam are here..

Download CA IPCC Business Law New Companies Act Fast Track Notes

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Download CA IPCC Business Law New Companies Act Fast Track Notes [Direct Link 2]



Indian Contract Act :-

1. Case study based on ” Acceptance of Offer ” & ” Bailment “.
2. Offer & rules for an offer.
3. Capacity to contract.
4. Circumstances under which doctrine of Supervening Impossibility not applicable.

Payment Of Bonus Act , 1965

1.   Who is liable to pay bouns?

2.   Who is entitled to pay bonus?

3.   Deduction that are  allowed under the Third Schedule

4.   What does available surplus mean?

5.   Minimum and Maximum Bonus payable

6.   Set on and Off of allocable surplus

7.   Deduction from the bonus payable

8.   Bonus linked with production or productivity

9.   Payment of Bonus by new establishment

  1. Exemption from payment of Bonus

Payment of Gratuity Act 1972

1.   Establishments covered under the act

2.   Eligibility and payment of gratuity

3.   When it is payable? To whom it is payable? By whom it is payable?

4.   Write about the Computation of Gratuity of amount payable

5.   Explain Continuous service

6.   Write short notes on reduction & forfeiture of gratuity

The Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952

1.  Employees Provident Fund Scheme and its salient Features

2.   Employees Family Pension Scheme and its salient features

3.   Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme

4.   Protect Against attachment of provident fund

5.   Central Board of Trustees

6.   Change of Employer –consequences

7.   Authorization of certain employers to maintain of a/cNote:

Students are requested to also go through Practical Questions from the Above acts

Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

1.   Promissory Note

2.   Bill of Exchange

3.   Provisions relating to maturity on days of Grace

4.   Cheque and its essential features

5.   Crossing and different types of crossing

6.   Conditions of Holder

7.   Holder in due course and privileges available to him

8.   Holder Vs. Holder in due course

9.   Endorsement , essential features and types

  1. Material Alteration
  2. Instruments obtained by unlawful means
  3. Presentment and different types of presentment
  4. Presentment for payment
  5. Rules regarding notice of dishonor
  6. What is stale cheque?
  7. When banker refuses payment on his customer’s cheque?
  8. Liability of banker for wrongful dishonor of a cheque
  9. Offences / bouncing of cheque

Companies Act of 2013

1.   Define a company and explain its features.

2.   Concept of separate legal entity as applicable in case of Companies.

3.   Lifting of Corporate Veil.

4.   Classification of Companies.

5.   Conversion of Private Company into Public Company.

6.   Procedure for conversion of public to private and private to public.

7.   Procedure for Incorporation Of Company.

8.   Certificate of Incorporation .  Law

9.   Certificate for Commencement of Business.

10. Write about  Memorandum of Association and it’s clause /contents.

11. Procedure relating to Alteration of MOA .

12. Alteration of  Articles of Association.

13. Doctrine of Ultravires and its exceptions.

14. When Prospectus is to be issued?

15. Expert and his liabilities.

16. Remedies available against false and misleading prospectus

17. What is meant by shelf prospectus?

18. Write about Red Herring prospectus and Information Memorandum.

19. Restrictions imposed by the companies act on allotment of Shares.

20. Define Underwriting & underwriting commission. How does the company act regulate payment of such commission.

21. Explain provisions and main contents of return of allotment.

22. Listing of shares on stock exchange.

23. Issue of Shares at premium.

24. Sweat Equity Shares. Law

25. Issue of Right shares to outsiders.

26. Right Shares.  Law

27. Powers of CG with regard to conversion of Debentures into Shares.

28. Under what circumstances can companies reduces it share capital?

29. Practical Questions on Buy Back of Shares.

30. Issue of Share Warrants.  Law

31. Share Certificate Vs. Share Warrant.

32. When Shares can be forfeited? Explain procedure relating to it ?

33. Provision relating to Refusal to registration if Transfer / transmission of Shares/ Debentures and refusal for rectification of register of members by a Co. and the remedial measures to the aggrieved Shareholder.

34. What is a Blank transfer?

35. What is meant by Certification of Transfer?

36. How shall nomination facility operate in case of transmission of Shares?

37. Procedure to be followed by a person nominated by a Shareholder

38. What is meant by Redemption of Debentures? State the remedies available for non repayment.

39. Write the Provisions relating to Statutory Meeting.

40. Write the provisions relating to Annual General Meeting.

41. Write the provisions relating to Extraordinary General Meeting.

42. Legal requirements for GM’s (AGM, EGM. SGM)

43. SEC 49

44. QuorumNote:

As per ICAI the weightage for the exam is around 30 marks. Questions can also be practical questions hence complete reading and understanding is necessary. From the 1st Three chapters (1 to 13th  ) a must question is always expected.

Here also i’m giving Downloading links of study materials, practice manuals and other useful files.


Business Ethics

1.   Ethical Dilemmas

2.   Distinction between Ethics and morals?

3.   Why a Business or individual Should follow Ethical Practises?

4.   What is Corporate Governance? importance of it

5.   Corporate Social Responsibility

6.   What is the need of Corporate Social Responsibility

7.   Benefits OF CSR

8.   Strategies in implementation of CSR

9.   Explain few guidelines for managing Ethics in workplace

10. Write a short notes on Harassment , In the context of Workplace Ethics

11. Explain the concept of sustainable development

12. What are the main forms of pollution &resource deployment and their effects?

13. Write short notes on Global Warming

14. Write short notes on Ozone Depletion

CA CS CMA Free Lectures

15. Write short notes on Acid Rain

16. Discuss Bhopal Disaster

17. Explain the precautionary principles in environment control

18. Why should we behave ethically in marketing?

19. Main ingredients of Competition Act

20. Fundamental Principles of Ethics in the context of Finance and Accounts

21. Give some examples of  Self Review Threats, Advocacy Threats, Familiarity


22. Ethical conflicts for Finance and Accounting Professional

Business Communication

1.   State the factors responsible for growing importance of communication

2.   Write about the process of communication

3.   What  are  the  different  dimensions  or  directions  in  which  communication  may happen in an organization

4.   Write    About    Oral    Communication?    What    are    the    disadvantages    of    oral communication?

5.   Explain written communication and importance?

6.   What are the limitation of written communication?

7.   What are the requirements of effective communication?

8.   Write about non verbal communication of sign language

9.   Write about non verbal communication media of body language / kinesics

10. Write about non verbal communication media of Para language / para linguistics

11. What are the advantages of para language & is there any risks involved in depending on para language

12. What is meant by formal channels of communication? what are the advantages and limitations of it?

13. What is mean by Informal Channels of communication/ Grape vine?

14. Merits of Grape Vine & demerits of Grape vine

15. How many types of Grape vines have been identified? how do they functions?

16. What do you mean by barriers to communication?

17. How  does  the  knowledge  of  communication  process  help  us  in  communicating effectively

18. How we use touch sends messages about us ?

19. Explain principles of written of communication?

20. Explain principles of Interpersonal Communication?

21. How to improve Interpersonal skills?

22. Explain Active listening? what are the guidelines for active listening?

23. What is Critical Thinking? what are its purposes?

24. Explain the meaning of Critical thinking , the process involved  in it and quantity of a critical thinking

25. Explain Emotional Intelligence

26. What is Group Dynamics?

27. Explain the concept of team roles?

28. What are the Group Conflicts? Bring out the nature of Group Conflicts?

29. What are the steps in Negotiation Process?

30. What are reasons of acceptance of change

31. What  are  the  pre  requisites  for  fostering  innovative  spirits?  Explain  the  key elements in the Innovation Framework

32. Explain Ethical Dilemmas in Communication

33. Explain Guidelines to handle communication Ethics Dilemma

34. DEEDS and Business Letters

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