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ACCA Exam Centres Worldwide

ACCA Exam Centres Worldwide

ACCA body conducts exams across 400 exam centres worldwide.  These ACCA Exam Centres are spread over 170 countries. In this article, we shall discuss regarding the ACCA centre and the provisions ACCA body has facilitated.


ACCA Exam Centres

How to select ACCA exam centres:

ACCA body has provided its students with the myACCA portal, where one can login and select the country of preference. Once you select the country the list of centres available in that country for that exam attempt will appear. Therefore, select the preferred location.

Unlisted ACCA Exam centre:

For June and December exam attempts, ACCA body arranges unlisted exam centres.  In some cases, students may want to write the exam at a different location than the ones mentioned in the list. Hence, for this, he may request by emailing at before the early entry closing date. Thereafter, if the location has the same standards of facilities and invigilation that exist at regular centres, it is taken ACCA centre. However, If it is not possible to arrange an exam sitting at the requested location, ACCA offers the opportunity to take exams at the nearest exam centre.

Special ACCA exam centres fees

Incase of unlisted exam centre, one has to make special ACCA centre fees. This is the local invigilation and accommodation fees

CBE – ACCA Exam Centre locations:

If one is planning to take Centre based Exam, he can select the centre of preference from the list mentioned below:

CBE ACCA Exam Centre List

To find out the centre of preference, select the country and then choose the location using text filter.

ACCA body has given a lot of flexibility to its students for their convenience.

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