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In recent times, there has been an increase in demand of ACCAs. The level expertise provided by ACCA qualification is a key factor. Due to this, the ACCA salary across different countries has also increased exponentially. In this article, we shall be briefing about the ACCA qualification salary that one expect if he chooses to work in following countries:


ACCA Salary in India

The ACCA salary in India is influenced by the amount of recognition ACCA qualification has gained. Hence, with time the scope of ACCA in India has increased. At present, the ACCA starting salary in India is around Rs.4 LPA which is equal to a CA’s salary. The average salary in India is around Rs.8 LPA. Generally, the salary in India ranges from Rs.4 to Rs.14 LPA. It may also be higher depending on other skills and company’s demand

ACCA Salary in Dubai or in UAE

ACCA salary in Dubai or as a whole ACCA salary in UAE ranges from Rs.4.6 LPA to Rs.25.6 LPA. The salary paid depends a lot on the sector and company one chooses to work in.


The range of salary in UK is between Rs.20 LPA to Rs.30 LPA. Apart from this, there is provision for a bonus for ACCAs working in the UK.

In Pakistan

ACCA qualification is well recognized in Pakistan among students. It has been almost 4 years since ACCA gained popularity. The ACCA salary in Pakistan ranges from Rs.3.6 LPA to Rs.8 LPA. The salary range may vary depending on the demand and skills needed.

In the USA

One of the highest-paying countries for ACCA is the USA. The salary in USA ranges between Rs.29.6 LPA to Rs.88.2 LPA. Again the range varies depending on the job role one takes up.

In Singapore

The job opportunities for ACCAs in Singapore are also high. Hence, the salary that can be expected ranges between Rs.17 LPA to Rs.21 PLA.

The high demand and salary factor are driving many individuals towards ACCA qualification. Since the qualification takes only 2.5 years to complete students are opting for it. The factors for early course completion include the number of papers one clears in a year and exemptions claimed. Due to the online portal called as myACCA, the process for ACCA exam registration has become a very simple process. Visit here to know the registration process and the documents you shall need while registering for ACCA.


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